Recommended for usage in interior areas, wide arrays of designs are available for customers' selection, yet at an affordable price. The Ceramic Tiles are also known for its low maintenance and are easy to care for when it comes to cleaning.

Natural Stone

Admired for its beauty and elegance, natural stones are suitable for most urban homes and has maintained its popularity over the years. This provision of mother nature is unique in style for each and every piece, making sure to make any space stand out with its own personality.

Engineered Quartz

Engineered Quartz combines beauty with outstanding performance, allowing you to bring your design imagination to life. You can enhance your home with the elegance and style of long-lasting brilliance.

Vinyl Flooring

One of the significant trend for both indoor and outdoor decor, Vinyl Floor embellishes your home with a touch of nature. As a combination of timber and porcelain, it offers beauty as well as durability, which makes Vinyl Flooring an excellent alternative to wooden floors.

Latest Arrival - Marble Inspired Euro-chic Collection

The cloud series collection highlights the genuine beauty and absolute purity of the natural stone. Available in 750x750x10mm

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